Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Days

Who likes snow? Kobe likes snow!! He's built for this weather, with his waterproof fur coat. Oh, I just look at that photo and smile.He was absolutely bounding thru the snow today on our walk.

Here's our 'hood these days. Please observe center photo with people on skis. Skis, sleds, tobaggans, innertubes. Our local hills have become slopes for entertainment. Seems like about a foot deep of snow in our yard. The huz' hasn't been to his office since last Wed. I got into work on Thurs and Fri because of my reliable bus - complete with chained tires for the weather. This week I'm on vacation and just slightly happy to not have the internal debate about trying to go anywhere. Until Wed. when we go to Chicago....hoping the airport is back to normal by then.

Today's big event was walking 25 blocks (each way! in snow! too bad it wasn't uphill both ways...) with the dog to do errands, including schlepping a bag of groceries back home. I've been glued to DVD's and cleaning the house otherwise.

The blessing of this snow is that it stops my anal retentive "how can we push the kitchen to be done soonest" drive. I have been really stressed about these last few weeks. First, I truly hate leaving a not quite done remodel to our dear friend who will be house/dog sitting when we are out of town for Xmas. Second, my end of the rope-edness and wanting this stupid thing DONE. As we get to the finish line, I find my type A personality blowing up. Get it done!!! How soon can we be done?? What else can I check off the list?! We must be efficient - who can I call, what can I schedule??

And now - where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket? (my favorite Far Side cartoon ever...) Weather has delayed the guys from coming to work on the house for days. We wonder if our countertops will be installed tomorrow. Or our oven delivered. Or our remaining flooring delivered to the store where I can't possibly drive to pick it up. I did get all "I'm from the midwest.....I can drive in this!" Until I pulled my car out of the driveway and began sliding uncontrollably towards our neighbor's Volvo....and then I decided maybe it wasn't that important to drive...and pulled sheepishly back into the driveway. The very few snow plows in Seattle only hit the main roads. Our street in a hilly neighborhood where many streets are closed will never see a snow plow. I have to let go and just let it be. Kitchen not finished, not finishing, delayed even more. There is nothing I can do. My Type A screams and stomps in the background, yet there is truly nothing I can do about this snow or the road conditions. Being safe is more important than being one day more done. That in itself is an odd relief. I have to just let it be and let go. For now.


Oh, The Joys said...

It is a blessed relief when something pushes my type a off a cliff for a day. Phew!

Kate B said...

Your house looks all magical in the snow! Good luck with the airport tomorrow... my flight on Sunday was 3 hours late. Good times spent at Seatac.